Monthly Meetings

Of course current monthly in-person meetings are NOT being held due to COVID-19 but we are having ZOOM meetings at the normal time until we CAN go back to some new location. Denny’s has changed their conditions of use to a point we CAN NOT GO BACK TO DENNY’S. We are actively looking for a new location. If you find one that may be suitable, please contact a board member.

ZOOM details will be sent to members before the meeting.

General Membership Meeting | Every 3rd Thursday of the month (except December) 8:00pm Meeting  Currently being held on Zoom only

When we get to be in person again and if we have a restaurant location - come at 7:00pm for Dinner

We are actively looking for a new meeting location. Preferably on the Third Thursday of each month. For now we are still meeting via Zoom.

We may start having quarterly in=person meetings, probably on a Saturday afternoon at varying locations, since we have been unable to acquire a suitable permanent club meeting location.

E-Board Meetings | Generally Eboard meetings will be held at 8:00PM on the First Thursday of the month. but sometimes we will change the date when a holiday interferes or a special Eboard meeting needs to be called. The Eboard meetings are currently being done on Zoom, but have generally happened at a club member’s house (and we may get back to that), and are usually announced well in advance. ALL Club Members are always welcome to come to the E-Board Meetings

Westwind Article Deadline - Generally in the last few days of the month depending on the Editor’s schedule. But if you have something contact Karl Breckner anyway!

Coming EVENTS:

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