CWLA is establishing a Tool Loan Program

Over the years CWLA has accumulated a variety of useful tools (as a club) and has them stored, but not easily accessible. We also have a large number of specialty tool that our individual members own, and are willing to loan to other CWLA members in need of them.

The Purpose of the CWLA Tool Loan Program is to CONNECT a member in need of a tool to a person who has the tool. The tools that are known to be available will be listed on this page.

If you see something you would like to borrow, use the Contact Toolmaster link to email a request to the CWLA Tool Coordinator who will personally provide you the information for YOU to contact the owner and determine how to get the tool in a private deal on terms between you and the owner. CONTACT CWLA TOOLMASTER<<This link doesn’t work right yet!

Why are we doing it this way???? To protect the privacy of the owners of the tools. We do not want emails and phone numbers of our club members published on this web site which is accessible to the world. We may eventually find a way to automate this process, but for now we feel a human middleman is warranted.

Loan Program NOT YET IN OPERATION but listing of tools is beginning>

Any CWLA Member who has a useful tool that could be borrowed by another member and added to this list, please contact the Toolmaster with that information!

Club Tools:

Unisyn carb synchronizer and instructions

Sears best non-inductive timing light

RAC tach dwell met

Vacuum/fuel pressure gauge

Craftsman harmonic balancer and steering wheel puller

3/8" drive oil-pressure sender socket

Rubbermaid Draintainer suggest possibly giving this away in raffle

Steel car ramps

Engine cradle for floor jack

Brake drum measuring tool

Sears creeper

Member-owned tools that can be borrowed:

pressure washer

To borrow a tool contact the CONTACT CWLA TOOLMASTER to get the tool’s contact information